Why should I recommend choosing a polymer holster?

The holsters on the market can be divided into leather holsters, polymer holsters, nylon holsters, and Kydex holsters. The choice of holsters is related to the safety of your guns. If the holster does not provide good protection for your gun, it will cause you to spend a lot of time choosing the pistol to damage it. So the holster you choose must be suitable for you, suitable for your carrying method and gun.

Leather holsters are the most traditional material and are still popular today. A leather holster is a choice for hiding and carrying. It is very flexible and very comfortable to wear, and a well-designed leather holster will not increase too much volume to help hide it.

But its shortcomings are also very obvious. Leather holsters require a lot of maintenance. Poorly maintained holsters will absorb moisture from rain or sweat. If you carry it on a rainy day, your gun is likely to rust. At the same time, the gun The beauty of the sleeve will also be greatly reduced.


Leather also tends to soften and crease as it ages, and this can be dangerous. Plenty of people have holstered a pistol in old leather which folded, got inside the trigger guard, and fired off around.

Kydex material is also an excellent material for making holsters. They are tough and can be compressed into almost any shape after heating. They can also protect weapons well. Their rigidity also makes them the choice of specific weapons. The main disadvantage of the hard material is that it is uncomfortable for the carrier. It will not fit your body like leather. In addition, due to the special nature of the material, it is difficult to be processed into secondary protection and tertiary protection. High-grade protective holsters, so most of them are designed as inner holsters.

Secondly, it has a more obvious shortcoming. If you put your holster in a high-temperature environment, such as in a car under the hot summer sun, the Kydex material will be heated and deformed, causing your holster to be completely scrapped.


Polymer holster, as a new type of polymer material, polymer material now has many advantages such as high strength, high toughness, high-temperature resistance, and extreme conditions, and it is cheap and harmless to the human body. It is a new type of holster. The best choice.


The polymer holster has good flexibility, not as hard as Kydex material, and the material is smooth, which will not scratch the gun.

At the same time, because the polymer holster is processed by thermal injection molding, various holsters with fixing systems can be processed inside. In terms of concealment, the thickness of the polymer inner holster is about 2.38mm, while the thickness of the Kydex inner holster is about 2.08mm. The height of the polymer holster is 46mm, which is the same as that of the Kydex holster. The height is 41mm. From the data point of view, the concealment of the two is almost equal. But in terms of weight, Kydex's holster is lighter than polymer materials.