TEGE New Holster: Glock 43 OWB Index Finger Release Holster


We have recently designed a new holster for Glock 43, a hot product on the market, which will be launched soon after a series of rigorous tests. We can look at the list of the Glock 43:

Product name: Glock 43 OWB index-finger release gun holster

Suitable for: Glock 43

Size: 114.5mm*81.9mm*42.7mm

Weight: 56.5g

Matched attachments: Paddle, Belt Clip


Glock 43 index-finger release gun holster made of a strong and wear-resistant polymer which with high quality and can be used in a variety of hostile outdoor environments. The inside of the holster is highly polished, when we carrying, it helps the handgun avoid being scratched on the inside of the holster. The way of releasing is Index-finger release, it can release the gun fastly while we put the release button.

This kind of gun holster is like the other TEGE gun holster series, comes in a variety of wear options, and it is very easy to change the way of wearing, we just need to unscrew the two screws on the back.


The gun holster is designed for 60-degree adjusting, When we wearing the Paddle accessories or Belt Clip accessories, the gun holers have very good concealment, it's worn around our waists, and when we're wearing jackets and T-shirts, concealment becomes more apparent.

Besides, if you want to make the holist rotate at a greater Angle, you can connect the 360° accessory directly through the Connecting part. You can buy them at multiple physical stores, such as Amazon or the United States, for around $20.