Introduction of TEGE Tactical Holster (1)

After purchasing a pistol, deciding which holster to choose is the most important thing you need to consider. And TEGE can bring you more holster options, whether you are on duty outdoors or take it with you when you go out. Almost all TEGE holsters are made of high molecular polymers and have undergone various Hell version tests in terms of structure.

Below I will explain each series of TEGE products.

The first type: tactical duty holster


We can see that the holster can be divided into three parts: holster; protective cover; backplate. It is connected by detachable screws to form a three-level protective tactical duty holster.

Its working principle is that when the gun is inserted into the holster, first the lock on the holster locks the trigger protection ring of the gun, and then the protective cover on the top is pressed, and then the whole gun body Lock it. 

When the gun is released, you need to open the top protective cover first, and then press the button on the side. This design method is very suitable for law enforcement officers to use on duty, without worrying about guns being robbed during the law enforcement process, which greatly protects the safety of law enforcement officers.

The tactical duty holster is equipped with a 360° attachment. By adjusting the buckle on the back of the attachment, the angle of the holster can be adjusted, and you can rotate it to the most comfortable angle when you use it.

The second type: secondary tactical holster


The release method of this holster is level 2 protection. The release of this holster requires pressing the button on the side of the holster. There are three release methods for the holster with level 2 protection, namely index finger release, middle finger release, and thumb release Level II Retention. It will automatically lock on the trigger When you put the gun into the holster, you can hear a "click" sound, It shows that the gun has been firmly locked. And the internal design is great that multiple guide stripes make to retain the weapon better. Pull the weapon out quickly by pressing the button with your index finger.


Upgraded military polymer material enhances the smoothness and thickness of the product for a better appearance and stronger. Its skidproof stripe helps you recognize it through your sense of touch. The internal screw design can reduce the risk of falling off.

360 degrees tooth gear for omnidirectional rotation, more convenient to replace other accessories. Feel free to wear on Web Belts within 2¼ inches and Duty Belts. 

Daily concealed carry under your coat, and extreme temperature tolerance. Suitable for different places like military, courser, shooting coach, law enforcement agencies, or personal protection use. Great for civilians and off-duty officers.