SCCY Cpx1 / Cpx2 Best Holster Selection

Although SCCY currently has only a few types of guns on the market, their pistols are of high quality and very affordable. They are a very good choice for many people who want small pistols. Then after buying the SCCY series of pistols, How to choose a holster?


I think most people in the market will choose the inner holster because everyone will agree that the inner holster has good concealment. So if I tell everyone that there is such an outer holster, which also has good concealment, and also has the comfort and safety that the inner holster does not have, then would you choose this outer holster?

The design of our SCCY holster is fully ergonomic, suitable for all your daily needs. Our holster has good adjustment power, and the angle of wearing can be adjusted according to your habits. Let's take a look at the details of this holster.

Good concealment

The holster itself is as small as a gun, and it uses the most fitting 60-degree belt buckle suspension method. When wearing the holster, the thickness of the holster does not exceed 5CM, and it can be easily carried concealed with only a jacket.


Super high security

This holster is made of high-quality polymer material. This material is durable and can be used for life. You never have to worry about the gun falling out of the holster. At the same time, we use a secondary release protection system. The weapon will not be released from the holster until you press the release button. This means that our holster can withstand various difficult conditions of use, such as military, shooting instructor, and law enforcement. Ideal equipment for institutional or personal protection purposes. When the gun is installed in our holster, you will hear a satisfying "click" sound, letting you know that your weapon has actually been installed safely and will not be released unless you wish. The release of the holster has also undergone a special design. There is a thread on the top of the button, allowing you to find the release button quickly and effectively even in the dark. At the same time, when the gun is pulled out, the index finger will be close to the barrel part, which can effectively help you quickly move to the correct position of the trigger.

Optimal comfort

The holster is carried externally. The holster will not be close to your skin, causing you various discomforts such as squeezing, and there is no need to worry about sweating that will cause your gun to rust. The bevel angle of the holster can be adjusted from -30° to +30° to help you find the most comfortable release angle. At the same time, the entrance and exit of the holster adopt a special bevel design, which is convenient for you to quickly and effectively retract the holster into the holster after shooting. It will not cause the hot muzzle to burn your skin due to the wrong operation.